Consistency | Stability | Patience | Care

The Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids is a ministry to the Mad River School District elementary schools to provide one hour of literacy-based, highly relational tutoring after school each week to children who are behind in their reading levels and would benefit from a stable relationship with a caring adult.

You can change a child’s life simply sharing your valuable skill of reading with them, and by becoming that support system and role model they need to succeed.


Unplugged is almost identical to Whiz Kids, just for our middle schoolers instead! Our Unplugged mentors provide the same caring stability and patient instruction to the young folks who are a part of Unplugged-- it's just aimed at a different set of kids.

You can change a young adolescent's life. Do you enjoy 5th and 6th graders--those around 12 years old? You can Enable them to succeed in school and life through your reading ability.

We will never close the achievement gap, we will never solve our dropout crisis, we will never break the cycle of poverty that afflicts so many children if we don’t make sure that all our students learn to read
— Ralph Smith, executive vice president of the Annie E. Casey Foundation